Production Overview

The incoming date and location of products, semi-products, and raw materials are clearly recorded in the warehouse log to ensure the “First In/First Out” policy is maintained and implemented. Also, IQC, IPQC and OQC are strictly performed.

At present, we have two coil Slitting(Hoop) machines: Thickness 0.10mm ~ 2.0mm, Width 6.0mm ~ 1200mm.

At present, we have 12 different types of pressing machines to process EI lamination of different specifications, such as EI-14 to EI-450, etc.

At present, we have one dedicated sheet cutter to cut of electrical steel sheet in different specifications.

Different types of cut core production equipment.

At present, the capacity of our annealing treatment equipment is 600 tons/month and is customizable according to customer requirements.

Production Equipment: 200T Press